Archives for October 2015

Yellowstone to Begin Limited Winter Access Monday

Visitors to Yellowstone National Park have this one last weekend to see major attractions before park rangers begin closing off most of the roads. Starting Monday, the park will begin preparing for winter travel by snowmobile and snowcoach along the routes. Road access will be maintained for Cooke City, Silver Gate, and Mammoth Hot Springs.

STD Awareness Billboard in Gillette to be Taken Down

A Gillette billboard that has drawn national attention will soon be removed. The Wyoming Dept. of Health had the sign installed along Highway 59 on Oct. 1, which reads, “Wyoming has gonorrhea. Do you?” The ad was meant to increase awareness of the STD, encourage safe sex practices, and promote getting tested.

Large Crevasse Opens Up in Bighorn Mountains

A large crevasse has opened up in the Bighorn Mountains south of Ten Sleep, measuring about 750 yards long by 50 yards wide. The Wyoming Geological Survey says it is likely the result of a slow-moving landslide. Since the opening is on private property, Wyoming law states that the Geological Survey must get permission from the landowner before investigating.

Cheyenne drunk-driver crash

A drunk driver was apparently responsible for a three-vehicle crash in Cheyenne Thursday. It shut down Storey Boulevard near Kevin Avenue. One man was arrested for a DUI and reckless driving. There were no serious injuries.

Cowboys play on Friday

The University of Wyoming football team will be action tonight. The Cowboys travel to Logan, Utah, to play the Utah State Aggies in a clash of Mountain Division rivals. Friday night’s game will kick at 8:15 p.m., M.T., and will be televised on ESPN2. This will be Wyoming’s only non-Saturday game this season.

Cheyenne Restaurant to Pay $11.4M for Salmonella Poisoning

The Old Country Buffet restaurant in Cheyenne has been ordered to pay nearly $11.4 million after a Nebraska man contracted salmonella poisoning. Christopher Gage suffered a brain injury from the incident and relies on his wife for care. The restaurant was cited for health code violations the day before the 2010 incident.

Community College Instructor Apologies for Leaving Handgun in Classroom

Northwest College in Powell has disciplined Dave Patterson, a criminal justice instructor and retired law enforcement officer, for accidentally leaving a handgun in a classroom on Oct. 14. Details of the punishment have not been disclosed, but Patterson has been apologetic, explaining that he started carrying the weapon following the recent shootings at an Oregon community college.

WY Lawmakers to Consider Changes to Drug Asset Seizure Practices

Wyoming’s Joint Judiciary Committee will consider two bills next week regarding the state’s practice of confiscating assets used for drug smuggling even if the owner is never convicted of a crime. One bill would require a conviction before seizure; the other would require a civil court hearing to determine if seizure is appropriate.

Pine Haven Woman Arrested for Killing Husband with Vehicle

Crook County deputies say that a Pine Haven woman was under the influence of alcohol when she ran over her husband in their driveway. Melissa Kenyon was arrested for DUI after her husband Michael Kenyon was pronounced dead at the scene. An investigation is ongoing, and more charges are pending.

Rapid City Police Officer “Justified” in Use of Deadly Force

Rapid City police officer Matthew Macrander was justified in using deadly force during a domestic violence call last month, according to a report released by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation. Macrander shot and killed 46-year-old Patrick Lundstrom after being attacked with a metal bar.