Archives for April 2015

Bridger-Teton Getting Set to Sell Firewood Permits

Starting May 15th, the district offices at Bridger-Teton National Forest will begin selling firewood permits. The Star Tribune reports it’s $7/cord, with a minimum five cord purchase. Park officials say mopre and more homes nationwide are buring firewood, seeing it as a more environmentally friendly way to stay warm. Firewood colection also lowers the wildfire risk.

Yellowstone East Gate Opens Tomorrow Morning

Yellowstone National Park’s east gate opens tomorrow morning at 8a.m. A National Park Service spokesperson tells the Star-Tribune most of the parks roads have been cleared of snow. With Yellowstone attracting over 3.5-million visitors every year, once the gates open there’s an immediate jump in tourist traffic. Yellowstone’s schedules are subject to weather.

East Yellowstone gate to open

Here’s a sign that summer is on the way: weather permitting, the east gate of Yellowstone National Park will open tomorrow morning at eight o’clock.

Blackmail guilty plea

A Casper man has pleaded guilty to blackmailing a teenage girl. Authorities say that 26-year-old Nathan Porter threatened to post an inappropriate photo of the girl to the Internet if she did not have sex with him. Prosecutors will reportedly recommend that Porter serve a year of probation in exchange for the guilty plea.

WyoTech-Laramie unaffected by Corinthian closures

The closure of Corinthian College does not affect WyoTech-Laramie.

The Laramie Boomerang reports classes at WyoTech continue despite the college’s shutting down.

Corinthian College owns WyoTech schools in other states that likely close.

Chemical poisoning animals in Meeteetse known as highly toxic

Veterinarians have described the chemical that poisoned animals in Meeteetse as an insecticide that proves highly toxic to animals.

The Cody Enterprise reports the state lab has identified it as aldicarb, which sells under the name Temik.

Casper man receives probation for using mother’s code at credit union

A Casper man has received six years of probation after stealing nearly $50,000 from a credit union.

The Casper Star-Tribune reports Kevin Walsh has learned his sentence for using his mother’s employee code to break into Families First Credit Union and take money out of the vault.

Cheyenne getting ready for new pollution control equipment

The Cheyenne skyline may change a little.

The change comes from the addition of a huge new piece of pollution control equipment at the city’s HollyFrontier refinery.

At the moment, the $30 million scrubber lies sideways on the refinery site.

It actually looks a little like a spaceship or a submarine.

A crane next month uprights it so it can stand 177 feet tall.

The refinery may now meet upcoming federal air pollution standards.

Colorado residents file civil rights suit against Peabody

Two people say their jailings followed their unfurling of a banner that criticized Peabody Energy.

The Colorado residents have filed a civil rights lawsuit after what happened at the company’s annual shareholders meeting in Gillette two years ago.

A Peabody official says the suit lacks merit.

Lots of Work Underway at Snow King Mountain

Construction workers are pulling 12-hours shifts 6-days a week working on the base and eastern slopes of Snow King Mountain. The Jackson Hole News and Guide reports when it’s finished, Town Hill will have a new base lodge, ski lift and runs, a mountain coaster and a new ropes course. If the weather cooperates, the major work should be finished by October.