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Crude Price Drop Hitting Retailers in Oil Patch

Oil workers aren’t the only people feeling the pinch from the downturn in crude prices. The Star Tribune reports retailers selling motorcycles, snowmobiles, and RV’s say they’re feeling it too. The downturn’s led to oil companies shutdown drill rigs, employee’s taking pay cuts or losing their jobs. When they don’t have disposable income retailers don’t have customers.

UW Arena-Auditorium Upgrades Put on Hold

UW’s put a hold on phase two of the upgrades planned at the Arena-Auditorium. The Stare-Tribune reports the problem is estimated costs have come in $3.5-million over budget. Seating and court redesign were finished last fall for $13-million, leaving $17-million for renovations of the main concourses and restrooms, but it would cost $20.5-million. That’s being redesigned to get back within budget and the work’s expected to start next spring.

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center hires “chief experience officer”

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center has hired a “chief experience officer.”

Kristen Truman-Allen has taken this job to help improve patient satisfaction and physician involvement.

Hospital CEO Margo Karsten tells the Wyoming Tribune Eagle that an evaulation of the program happens in six months.

Dust settling after fires in Sheridan Co.

Fire officials in Sheridan County and the Bighorn National Forest remain alert following weekend fires and a forecast for dry weather.

A Forest Service fire management officer in Sheridan says one fire that an abandoned campire started burned a quarter of an acre.

The Sheridan Press reports the Goose Valley fire started as a prescribed burn.

Does WeTip work?

Legislation that would have replaced a school safety tip line with an in-state program has generated debate.

That discussion centers on whether or not the tip line actually works.

Wyoming pays $25,000 annually for the WeTip program that a nonprofit runs through a California call center.

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports the program handles 28 Internet and phone tips annually for the state.

State pen inmate charged with murder for hire

Authorities have accused an inmate of trying to hire someone to kill his parents so he could collect their life insurance and inherit their house.

The Casper Star-Tribune reports Andrew Silicani now has a trial date of May 18.

Silicani has pleaded not guilty.

Court records show he expected to receive $850,000 in life insurance and property.

Environmental Quality Council to vote today on deal

Wyoming’s Environmental Quality Council votes on an agreement today between state regulators and a gas developer.

The deal could reclaim dozens of small reservoirs of coal-bed methane groundwater.

It involves the state, High Plains Gas, and Fidelity Deposit Company of Maryland.

The deal would allow High Plains Gas to avoid forfeiting over $2 million in bonds.

Forest Service eyes development of improved fire shelter

The Forest Service has picked up the pace on developing a new fire shelter for the western states.

This follows deaths in Arizona where officials say flames and heat went beyond the current shelter’s capabilities.

UW alumni association turns 120

UW’s alumni association has celebrated its 120th anniversary.

Since eight UW graduates formed it in 1895, the association has kept alumni connected, helped them get jobs, and provide scholarships.

Wyoming marries young

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows Wyoming couples tend to marry young.

On average, women here marry at age 25.

On average, men marry at age 26.6 in Wyoming, which sits two years under the national average.

With 55.9 percent of the population married, Wyoming ranks third in the nation. However, the Casper Star-Tribune reports Wyoming also has the 14th highest divorce rate.