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Senate panel supports concealed carry bill

A state Senate committee has endorsed a bill that would allow people with concealed carry permits to take their guns to most public places in Wyoming.

The legislation heads to the Senate floor for more debate.

Casper man pleads not guilty to trying to kill his wife with a truck

A Casper man has pleaded not guilty to trying to kill his wife with his pickup.

Court documents show Clint Webb allegedly ran a stop sign in June as his wife went home from a restaurant.

Webb also allegedly rammed her vehicle and nearly hit her.

Washakie Co. district may randomly drug-test students

Washakie County District 1’s school board may allow random drug testing for students in extracurricular activities.

Worland’s high school principal says the community has a drug problem.

Students would test during their activities’ seasons.

However, the district activities director says parents could opt their children into the programs with their activities out of season.

Senate supports bill on constitutional convention delegate actions

Wyoming’s Senate has endorsed legislation that would limit what state delegates could do at a constitutional convention.

The Senate Rules and Procedures Committee supports amending the U.S. Constitution to require the federal government to balance the federal budget, provided that doing so does not cost Wyoming mineral funds.

Amendment to firing squad bill shot down

The statehouse has rejected a Senate amendment to legislation that would allow firing squads to execute the condemned.

The Senate had decided to change the bill to allow the inmate to choose whether or not the shooting would happen while under sedation.

The statehouse has rejected that language, and a conference committee soon meets to resolve the issue.

Wyoming has no inmates on death row at the moment.

Powell police to start wearing body cameras

Powell’s police chief says his officers soon start wearing body cameras because more people have recorded interactions with officers themselves.

The Powell Tribune police officers and a school resource officer begin using 13 of them in the next two weeks.

Wyoming ranch owners sue Colorado Army National Guard

A Wyoming couple says Colorado Army National Guard troops started a wildfire three years ago during training.

The owners of Bulls Bend Ranch claim this caused $6 million of damage to their property.

K2 Radio reports Kevin and Susan Rothschild want compensation from the guard and the Wyoming Military Department.

Wyoming’s adjutant general has acknowledged training caused the Sawmill Canyon fire.

It started at Camp Guersney as Colorado troops trained with explosives.

Wyoming statehouse shoots down powdered alcohol sale bill

Wyoming’s statehouse has rejected legislation that would have banned the sale of powdered alcohol statewide.

In speaking against the bill, Riverton Republican David Miller says the state has not banned the sales of other forms of alcohol.

Statehouse shoots down discrimination bill

Wyoming’s statehouse has rejected legislation that would prohibited discrimination on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Opponents say the bill would infringe on the rights of people to decide how to hire, as well as on freedom of speech.

The senate has already passed the legislation.

Senate passes railroad rolling stock bill

For the second time, Wyoming’s Senate has approved legislation that would repeal the sunset of the exemption on the imposition of state sales and use tax on the repair of railroad rolling stock.

The statehouse has already passed this bill.