Grand Teton Nat’l Park considers adding more cell phone towers

Grand Teton National Park wants to hear from you on your thoughts about more cell towers in the park. The park currently has two cell towers, but is sitting on a proposal for nine more. A park spokeswoman says current equipment is outdated and doesn’t serve park visitors well. They say outages last several days and service improvements would allow people to call for help if they need it. Critics say the goal of being out in the wilderness is not to order a pizza, it’s to disconnect. . The cell towers would be built in already developed areas, not far from the park’s main roads-leaving much of the park without service.

1st grizzly sightings happening in Yellowstone

The first grizzly bear has been sighted this season in Yellowstone National Park. Park visitors say they saw the large grizzly between Canyon Village and Fishing Bridge last Friday. Grizzly tracks were also reported between Mammoth Hot Springs and Norris Junction on Monday. The sightings are on-par with when male grizzlies usually come out of hibernation.

Winter storm slamming Cheyenne

Spring may be in sight on the calendar, but it’s still feeling a lot like winter in Wyoming. A winter storm is hitting southeast Wyoming and eastern Colorado today. Cheyenne could see up to 18 inches of snow before it’s all said and done. The storm is bringing with it 65-mile-per-hour winds.

Unemployment drops in WY slightly

Unemployment in Wyoming dropped ever so slightly. It fell from 4.1 to 4 percent in January. The state’s rate mirrors that of the nation. In January, Teton County had among the lowest unemployment rates in the state at 3 percent. The highest rate is nearly 6 percent in Fremont County followed by Park and Big Horn counties.

UW gets option to buy major land east of Laramie

The University of Wyoming could get involved in a major land deal in southeast Wyoming. Albany County wants to acquire 5,500 acres east of Laramie for $10.5 million to create recreational opportunities like mountain biking. A recent amendment to a purchase agreement between the county and the property owner gives the university a $2 million option to buy some of the land.

UW to spend $300M on new dormitories

The University of Wyoming is eyeing locations for new dormitories. They hope to decide by January 2020, where to build more than $300 million worth of new residences. The state approved a bill to help the university pay for housing for 2,000 students.

Gordon signs new emergency rules for truck drivers

Governor Mark Gordon signs new, emergency rules aimed at helping truck drivers and the general public. The rules, in effect for the next 20 days, lift limits on how many hours propane truckers can drive on the road. Cold weather has driven up demand for propane for heating purposes.

Gordon signs bill on coal-fired plants

Wyoming’s coal-fired plants can’t just go bankrupt and close. A new bill, signed into law by Governor Mark Gordon, requires the plants to stay online and in business by requiring a utility to try to sell the facility first before decommissioning it. If a new company buys the plant, the bill requires the utility that sold it to buy power back-even if a cheaper source is available.

Northern Wyoming Community College names new president

The Northern Wyoming Community College District has a new president. The Sheridan Press reports Walter Tribley was hired ending a six-month, national search that attracted dozens of applicants. Tribley replaces Paul Young who announced his decision to retire in October. Tribley takes over at the helm July 1.

Special conservation license plates proving to be a hit in WY

More than 500 people have purchased Wyoming license plates promoting wildlife conservation. The plates-new this year-feature a mule deer design and aim to raise awareness about wildlife conservation efforts. The special plate costs $180 with $150 of it going directly into a conservation fund that enables signage, animal crossings, and fencing. The plate costs an additional $50 annually.